Hi, I’m Tristan.

I run Kamchatka Gear, an online store that offers accessories for car camping, van dwelling, SUV camping, overlanding, road tripping, etc.

The products in the online store came out of necessity from my SUV camping or “SUV RVing” adventures. I run a popular YouTube channel called SUV RVing where I document these adventures. I also wrote a book about SUV RVing and have a blog dedicated to the subject.

I’ve written and published a bunch of books, and you can view my Amazon author page here. My books include the following:

For fun I’ve written books about things like poetry, zombies for babies, and vegetarian tyrannosaurus rexes.

I also started and run FKB.me, the best place to go if you want free Kindle books every day.

Some of my other side projects include ClimbingGIFs.com and @JustShowHN.

My personal blog is The Aloof, and I occasionally post there about my travels and adventures.


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